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All things come to those who wait

It’s taken twenty-four years, but at last I’ve found an explanation for the strangest UFO I’ve ever seen. In 1986 I went to London to see The Residents. We missed the show (it was at Hammersmith Palais and we went … Continue reading

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What the bloop do we know?

TheĀ  often-reliable Wikipedia has, among its 46 articles not about cartoons, a list of unexplained sounds. The bloop is a peculiar noise picked up by undersea microphones in the south pacific in 1997 (not far from R’lyeh, as any Lovecraft … Continue reading

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UFOs filmed over China

There’s very little to go on here, however the two lights zoomed in on appear not to be particularly solid – one is semi-transparent and one has some sort of flickering effect. The brightest light is hardly looked at (and, … Continue reading

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Lord Combermere fades away

Did the ghost of Viscount Combermere pay one last visit to his home, while his funeral was being held? Continue reading

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One can measure a circle beginning anywhere

This blog’s theme is the paranormal: the bizarre, the weird and the just plain wtf anomalous events that are reported (however accurately) across the world; the bits of lego in the great universal jigsaw. I will try to get to … Continue reading

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