UFOs filmed over China

There’s very little to go on here, however the two lights zoomed in on appear not to be particularly solid – one is semi-transparent and one has some sort of flickering effect. The brightest light is hardly looked at (and, briefly, another one comes into shot at the top of the picture but is ignored). the possibility that this is one the Virgin Galactic’s craft has been put forward, but it’s difficult to tell. Certainly the lights maintain the same position in realation to each other and with the city below them. So: unknown phenomenon? Yes. Inexplicable, paranormal phenomenon? probably not. Aliens? Give over.

Mothership UFO, you say? I am dubious, what with the idea of “motherships” stemming from that long-exposed fantasist George Adamski. The poster of this video has bought into the dubious Extraterrestrial hypothesis uncritically. The object in the video itself certainly shows some structure, is lit from within, and apparently the camera is seeing the starboard side (that’s my impression at least); but there is no background against which to compare the visible portion; not even even the object’s outline can be seen. For all that we can see, this could just as well be part of a ship, or a fancy new open-plan office building.

This one is easy to explain. It bears a close similarity to the Canary Islands UFO that caused a stir back in the 1970s, and therefore probably has the same explanation: a missile test. In the Canaries case, the missile explananation was a long time coming because tests of new misiles are of course classified, and official requests for information came to nought; we can expect the same for China.


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