One can measure a circle beginning anywhere

This blog’s theme is the paranormal: the bizarre, the weird and the just plain wtf anomalous events that are reported (however accurately) across the world; the bits of lego in the great universal jigsaw.

I will try to get to the bottom of these reports. I will probably fail quite a lot of the time. Hopefully I will shed light from multiple sources, because a single light source creates as many shadows as it dispels.

There are a few (too few) good sites about the paranormal on the internet. Most seem to rehash old cases uncritically, with long-dicredited stories presented as if there had never been a reasonable explanation. Too much information comes from very dubious sources (Pravda? seriously?) and there appears to be little follow-up. An atmosphere of hey-wow-get-this prevails. Another blight on the landscape is the endless ridiculous conspiracy theories. I may take a look at some of these, but not many – the thought of arguing this stuff with people who made up their minds long ago is a faintly depressing one.

I apologise in advance for any personal biases and pet theories of mine that happen to intrude; if you spot any, please tell me. Or, perhaps, sit back and watch as I dig a hole for myself!

I’ll probably update this every few days, and will reply to any sensible comments – for a given value of sensible.


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